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November 28, 2015, 09:58:03 PM
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Author Topic: GABA - long-term safety.  (Read 12170 times)
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« on: February 16, 2009, 09:05:27 AM »

Hi Dr Yechiel

I was intrigued to see your latest product 'de-crease' contains GABA.  I recently used a nanosome product claiming to have nanosomes of GABA and frankly the results for me were astonishing - my skin, which has been very reactive lately, was exceptionally calm and my expression lines were indeed decreased.

I was so shocked I STOPPED using it!

There are two reasons for this; firstly when I started to look more closely at the company making the product I completely lost faith that they weren't just out to make a quick buck at the expense perhaps of my skin's long-term health.

Secondly, I can't find anything to say that GABA would be safe in the long-term, especially if it is penetrating more effectively in nanosomes (I understand that the molecular weight is too high to penetrate under normal conditions).

Are there any studies to say that this is safe for long-term use?  I'd love it if there were.

Thanks as ever,

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« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2009, 05:10:43 AM »

Hello, gaoli,

I have just responded to another poster and discovered your posting. I am supposed to receive a signal when someone posts in the forum and for some reason I either did not receive the signal of your posting or did not notice it. I apologize for the delay and I will respond to you again in a day or two with some additional information.

Just briefly, the main problem with GABA is acute overdosing and not long term exposure. A dose of 1gr a day can be maintained for a long time and body builders are using 3gr before exercising. A dose of 5gr can be big trouble and more than that can be fatal. GABA is one of the chemicals which has several mechanisms of control and has to be (and is) permanently maintained in the body (mostly in the brain) in quite large quantities. It is readily synthesized and readily metabolized and its turnover is fast so that if you extremely overdosed but survived for about 30-60 minutes, chances are you would make it. I will look again into long term exposure and see if there is anything new and let you know what I find.

I don’t think that a biochemical which is essential for life, as is GABA, should be a problem for long term exposure. As I said, if you slightly overdose the body will correct it quickly. Be aware about not extremely overdosing if you take it orally because it is a chemical which, like oxygen, the body cannot survive without, and cannot survive with too much of it, and for better or worse, the body needs it as long as it is alive. When you use it topically you cannot overdose and I will explain more in the next reply.

On the other hand, glutamic acid which is the “alter ego” of GABA appears to have some effect during long term exposure on a small part of the population. Of course, the consumption of glutamic acid in the form of sodium glutamate is so high and popular like only a few other ingredients and even for that ingredient, there is no danger from prolonged consumption of normal amounts but some people who are “health conscious” have come up with some reasons to try and avoid it all together. It is hard to argue with beliefs (though it may be fun) and there is no danger in reducing consumption of glutamate (but a mistake to avoid it all together), so every one to his decision. With GABA you cannot maintain an internal high dose for more than a short time and it is therefore very safe.

On another note, just because something did some good for you is no reason to become scared of it. (Although this is one excellent reason to focus on topical products rather than injections such as Botox: if the results displease you for any reason, just wash it off and stop using it.)  I suggest that you continue using your current product (I don’t know who the manufacturer of your current product is) and if you wish to feel better about it you may try a suggestion I offer to other customers: use the product 6 days a week and let your body have a day off from it.

We are also developing (will be ready for next month) a product which will counter the effect of GABA; that product will be a partner for our DeCrease product, which contains GABA. When you use these two products on alternate days (or twice a day each for those who are very conscious about their skin) you will have the effect of relaxation by GABA, which cosmetically produces very good results. On the other hand, if muscles are paralyzed (like the effect of Botox) they may become atrophied and shortened (instead of the initial lengthening from relaxation) which will cause the opposite effect of even deeper creases. The product we are developing has ingredients which can under certain conditions cause the appearance of muscle contraction while GABA under certain conditions can create the appearance of relaxed muscles. If those two products can reach the nerve endings where they connect with the muscles twice a day they will provide an exercising regimen for the muscles (contracting and relaxing). Exercise will normally elongate muscles and increase their size and the need for muscle relaxation for making them longer will not be relevant anymore and the concern about muscle atrophy does not apply to GABA and is also not relevant and the long term exposure to the same ingredient (which for some ingredients may cause resistance to the ingredient and make it un-effective until one takes a break from it for a while) will not be relevant anymore because the products will be alternated and GABA is an ingredient which physiologically does not seem to lose activity over life-time exposure). Maybe after a while there will be no need either product when muscles are strong and well toned and not constricting and folding the skin into deep creases but big, long, and strong and stretching the creases into a firm youthful looking skin.

I will let you know about long term studies in a few days and also about application of GABA to skin because GABA was thought for a long time to mainly act in the central nervous system and only recently it was discovered that there are GABA receptors in the skin.
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« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2010, 05:04:02 AM »

Something alike was discussed on the ask.com,i can give someone a link if anybody need it
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